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Basket Class in Alabama

Basket Class in Alabama

"I survived my 1st Basket Class. We made the Kentucky Berry Basket.

Attached is a “class “photo”

Several has expressed interest in making another basket in the Spring. They want the Market Basket. An easy basket but bigger than the Berry Basket.

I have a suggestion for the Berry Basket. Unless you pack the weavers very tightly the 22 in stakes are two short for beginners. I recommend 24 in stakes and that should allow plenty. It is easy to cut off too much but hard to add. There was plenty of material in my order and the “swing handles” were beautiful. I stained them beforehand with golden oak except one and one girl has been soaking walnuts to stain her whole basket. I gave her some scrap reed to test for correct color.

Hope ya’ll are well."

Frank Little

Thanks to Frank for sending us this photo.