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Cane Webbing & Spline


If your chair has a groove around the seat opening, then choose Cane Webbing.

FREE Online Step-By-Step Photo Instructions for Cane Webbing


You will need the following:

Cane Webbing (Measure groove to groove + 4 inches)
For open cane webbing measure from the center of one hole to the center of the next hole to determine the style of your old cane webbing. See available styles below:

Reed Spline (circumference of groove + 1 foot). See chart below for Reed Spline sizes.

Caning Chisel to remove old Spline | Caning Wedges to hold webbing. | Glue

Reed Spline

Code Description Width of Groove
RS70F # 7 Spline 5/32"
RS75F # 7.5 Spline 11/64"
RS80F # 8 Spline 3/16"
RS90F # 9 Spline 7/32"
RS95F # 9.5 Spline 1/4"
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